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AVG is a free anti-virus program it’s one of the best anti virus programs on the market. The free software is ideal for home use, when you use your computer for business purposes you can better download the paid version. Finally there is also AVG for your mobile. That’s a good thing nowadays, because we using our phones more and more to brownse the internet. The official download of AVG 2014 you will find here. There you can download AVG 2014 free edition.

avg download

The simplicity for you to use avg internet security 2014 is ideal. We will walk with you through the installation to make sure your computer will be protected for viruses. Here you will find the handy install guide. AVG does not stop by protecting you against viruses it does more. In adition to the AVG free edition 2014 the paid version will get you a lot more options than the free avg download 2014. For instance it’s protects you if you make money transactions with online banking, or when you playing online games and it protects your privacy. Privacy protection is realy important, nowadays people try to monitor everything you do so they can use to information to sell you stuff or to sell your private information to a third party. AVG has the ‘do not track’ feature in it’s toolbar it brings you back in control. You decide if a website is storing information about you and not the other way around.

Free AVG download 2014

The new free AVG download 2014 has a cool interface what is realy designed to fit with windows 8. Ofcourse it realy works good with touchscreens. Also when you are asking a lot of your computer for instance if you are playing online video games, the anti virus scan will slow down and when you stop gaming the scan will go more quickly. So it’s realy a smart scan. It’s such a good program that around 100 million people are using the software worldwide.

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  • Charles A. Pohland

    What avg version should I have to eliminate spam from e-mail

  • Charles A. Pohland

    What should version of avg should I have to eliminate spam


    i’m trying to see if i downloaded this free protection successfully
    i’m older and am not sure