How to install avg antivirus free 2014

How to install avg antivirus free 2014? First you have to download the AVG antivirus free 2013 on AVG to begin AVG install offline. When you clicked the free trial version button on the website you will see that the paid version has a lot more to offer than the free version. So it’s good to test out this features, that’s why we recommend you the trial version. When you have downloaded the setup file, click to open it. A popup screen will appear asking you if you allow this program to make chances to your computer. Press yes. Now be patient the installation may take some time if you don’t have the latest fastest computer on the market.

Two options will apear:
1. Quick upgrade (recommended)
2. Custom upgrade

The first option will do fine, make sure it is selected and click the next button. A license number will appear, this is your free trial license number. Click again next. Now the free trial AVG program is installing on your computer. It will automatically close all windows. If you don’t want to interrupt the download it’s better not to do anything on your computer just take a brake and get some snack.
When it’s finished you will be asked the question do you want to restart your computer now or later. Restart now is recommended to have the full protection. AVG internet Security has an easy to manage interface. You will see what is now protected: Computer, surfing the web, privacy, e-mails.

Install avg 2014 firewall

Your trial version expires in 29 days. So make sure you have learned everything this Free AVG trial has to offer, and you will be happy because your computer will be protected when you’re connected to the internet but also offline. You can easily buy the  full version, because ofcourse you want to be protected always. Install your avg firewall, be guided by the movie below.

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  • Miriam Fisher

    What happened to my AVG account. You’ve been disconnected and I had to uninstall to try and reactivate it. IMDKD-Wf2F4-ZC22B-AQ712-YKMKM-MRSTC.