AVG license number 2014

When AVG is running, open the AVG interface, in the right hand corner you open the support. Here you will see the productname but most important you will see the avg license number 2014 or any other year. If you click on the link behind the license number 2014. You can paste the license number everywhere you want, by just using CTRL+V.

If you want an explanation about finding your license number for 2012 or 2011 you can follow this link. It are almost the same steps as described above, but then with an older interface of AVG. We recommend you to get the latest license possible.

[what is my avg license number

AVG license number generator 2014

Are you looking for the  avg generate key downloader? Just look above to find out how you can generate your own avg license number. And found out which license number is set for you in the year 2014.

AVG trial license number

If you are using the trial version of AVG you don’t need a trial license number, because the trial number is automatically put in by AVG. Only after the free trial period you will need a valid license number.

AVG license key 2014

An AVG license key is the same as an AVG license number, read the explanation above and see the red line in the picture where your license key is placed.

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